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Eternum by Italon reinterprets the ancient origins of Bog Oak: a precious wood, as hard as stone and as resistant as steel, produced by soaking oak in river water.

The timeless charm of this wood lives on in Eternum’s gres in 4 new colours, the signature style of the collection, and  different combinations - from plasterwork to marble, and glass to decorations - for a Full Design Project that can be expressed in in an elegant and dynamic manner in any environment.   

Ambiente 1 Eternum
Ambiente 2 eternum
Ambiente 3 Eternum
Ambiente 4 Eternum
Ambiente 5 Eternum
Ambiente 6 Eternum
Ambiente 7 Eternum
Ambiente 8 Eternum
Ambiente 9 Eternum


Wood, plaster, marble, glass and decors. Starting with the inspiration of Bog Oak, Eternum is able to furnish every environment – floors and walls, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms - within a Full Design Project that enhances the talent of architects and designers.

A new life to a thousand-year-old wood, enriched by numerous refined materials for a collection that incorporates the purest sense of eternity.

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Porcelain stoneware

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The Kaliedo mosaic in Snow, Cream, Gold, and Coffee colors with pixels of irregular geometric shape will fill the space with a fresh aesthetic and expressiveness.

The Lounge mosaic with a dynamic design in Glass Coral and Glass Avio colors will create a bright visual effect in the interior and be a beautiful solution for an accent wall in the bathroom.

The Vertex mosaic with golden inserts in the Carrara color will help create a luxurious and memorable design.

The Tatami decor with wooden slat effect in Acero, Rovere, Fumè, and Mogano colors will add originality and rhythm to the interior design.

The range is complemented by the 30x30 mosaic and the Strip mosaic, which will harmoniously complement the design.

Porcelain Stoneware Decors

Details porcelain stoneware

Eternum Acero Rovere Fume Mogano Snow Cream Gold Coffee Volcano Carrara Glass Coral Glass Avio
20x160 cm, 9 mm
60x120 cm, 9 mm
80x160 cm, 9 mm
  • Matt and Rectified
  • Lux and Rectified

Dettagli Lastre

Eternum Volcano Carrara
120x278 cm, 6 mm
  • Lux and Rectified
  • Matt and Rectified

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You can download high-resolution textures and panels of Eternum and other Italon’s collections by registering for free on our Architalon platform that guarantees an access to all necessary materials for your projects.