X2. The performance thickness

X2. The performance thickness

X2 is the first Russian-made brand of 2 cm thickness porcelain stoneware. A greater thickness than standard 6/10mm is specifically designed for areas that require high technical features such as parks, gardens, terraces, courtyards, swimming pools, residential and commercial areas. A double thickness enhances resistance to strikes, temperature differences and aggressive chemicals. And also, X2 is made from 100% natural materials.

6 concrete advantages

  • Frost resistant: X2, if installed correctly, is resistant to frost and temperature fluctuations.
  • High mechanical resistance: X2 has a breaking strength that is 7.6 times higher than the required certification.
  • Anti-slip grip finishing: X2 guarantees a high level of safety, also thanks to a special anti-slip grip treatment.
  • Easy to clean: X2 requires little maintenance, designed for easy cleaning.
  • Extra durable: X2 is more durable in terms of both performance and aesthetics as it is not subject to discolouration.
  • Complete set: X2 includes a range of trim pieces designed for public and residential spaces, swimming pools and green areas.


Ideas and applications


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Full range of products

The X2 range features a wide variety of textures that imitate natural materials (stone, wood, concrete), as well as many special products to provide suitable solutions in the field of house improvement and beautification. With the X2 range of outdoor tiles, you can embody the most daring ideas in exterior design and enjoy complete freedom of expression.


Types of installation

Installation on sub-floor

A glued installation on a sub-floor in combination with the X2 surfaces creates stable and resistant flooring in areas that require high technical performance

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Raised installation

A raised installation is the ideal solution for businesses that wish to pave an outdoor space.

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Ventilated facade

Ventilated façades are used to protect walls from the weather, improving the comfort of the home.

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Installation on grass

X2 tiles can be installed dry on a grassy substrate to create high performance walkways and outdoor paving.

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Installation on gravel

Installation on gravel is an ideal solution for gardens, especially where substrate drainage is a problem.

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Trim pieces

Outdoor trim pieces

X2 includes a set of trim pieces that are suitable for any need in both residential and urban settings. The certainty of being able to design exteriors with total freedom of expression in any situation.

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Swimming pool trim pieces

X2 offers customers and designers a wide range of special pieces dedicated to the swimming pool area. Edges, grids and other finishing elements that adapt to any project with maximum flexibility.

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Trim pieces Italon X2

Having a great material for your floors may be not enough when you have realize your ideas to reality. For this reason Italon X2 offers you a wide range of special products for the design of public and residential spaces, swimming pools and green areas.
Download a PDF of trim pieces that complete Italon X2.